Brazil Salvador South Mission
March 2017-March 2019

Monday, July 3, 2017


this week was really good. we were able to teach a lot of lessons!!
This week, Elder High came out with us one day, and I think every lesson fell through that day. it was interesting. we made the strangest contact with someone. we got coxinha, and walked away, and elder Nascimento forgot to pay. so on our way back he was telling a story, and a girl was walking by us and she heard and started laughing. so he started talking to her, and she's known missionaries before but never got the lessons. but she was curious! so well teach her soon! 
later that night, we were walking down a road, and a bunch of little kids asked me to race them. so, of course, I did it, and I smoked them all haha it was awesome.
the other night, this little kid tried to talk to me in English, and he was super cool. so we asked if we could share a message with his family. they ended up not being home, and it started dumping rain. so we took cover, and a bunch of kids were gathered around trying to speak English with me and elder high. it was really funny, they always get so mind blown when you speak English. 

I cut my own hair this week. it was an interesting experience, and it didn't turn out too bad! 

this week, we taught the Word of Wisdom to one of our investigators. it was so cool, he and his wife threw out their coffee without question. they are golden! the guy's name is Josemar, he's super good at drawing, and he drew us a picture of groot, from guardians of the galaxy! it was super cool

there's a street where we work, where a guy has 2 horses, and every time he rides one, every one gathers around and is so fascinated. 

we got home one night, and there was a bird in our sink. kinda wierd, but, Brazil. I'll attach a picture

Saturday, we had lunch in Ondina, the area of the secretaries, so we went past the beach and took some photos. its super beautiful here. I met some lady, who said she was a member of the church,  but shes seperated. She took a picture with me, it was a funny experience. She invited us to go to a Catholic church with her, so well see about that.

So there is a boy in our ward, Yan. he is 17, and hes the only member in his family. he lives with his mom. his grandma lived with them, but she passed away a few weeks ago. so this week, we were able to teach his mom the plan of salvation, and she came to church this Sunday. it will be so cool, Yan will be able to baptize his mother! I wanna take this time to bear my testimony of the plan of salvation. it truly is the plan of God, the plan of happiness. families can be together forever, and that brings me so much joy. I'm so glad I'm here sharing this message with the people of Bahia. this church is so true, and I'm so thankful for the gospel in my life. 
I hope you all have a good week! 

Parker and His companion, Elder Nascimento

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