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March 2017-March 2019

Monday, June 26, 2017

3 months

First off, sorry for no email last week, I forgot!!
but, this week was good. it was a little difficult because it was São João here. it's a huge party, so everybody was either traveling or partying. it was a hard week for teaching lessons. but it was good. 
this week, a drunk lady looked at me and said one day she wants to marry a gringo like me. it was interesting.
the people here are awesome. all the kids ask me to speak English or do magic. I just talk really fast in English and they're always so amazed. everybody here knows 3 phrases in English: ´´good night´´ ´´good morning´´ and ´´what is namey´´
okay, something a little more spiritual. this week, we taught one of our investigators the word of wisdom. she committed to living it and will stop drinking coffee. she is amazing, and she has a baptism date for the 15th of July. she is amazing. 
the people here are so awesome. we always get invited to eat cake or drink juice, or they just give us stuff. they're so nice, I absolutely love them.

so São João is a holiday to celebrate the death of John the Baptist. but nobody knows that haha. but pretty much there are a bunch of bonfires in the street, palm tree leaves everywhere, people lighting off fireworks 24/7. and not cool fireworks, just bombs, that blow up super loud. they have barbecues and parties. a lot of loud music. it's the mini version of carnival, which is around Christmas time I think. 
well, I don't have too much else, I hope you all have an amazing week!!!

Pictures of the hand from last week...he said that he burned his hand on some oil while cooking some pastels.  This week he said that he was healing well.

Trying his hand at frying pastels again!!  :)

Parker and Elder HiltonNascimento.


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