Brazil Salvador South Mission
March 2017-March 2019

Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekly in Valenca

Hey! This week was really good! 

So this week, we talked with Ravena, the girl we're going to baptize. were still teaching her, and starting teaching her friend. they decided they will both be baptized on October 14th! so hopefully it doesn't fall through this time, we're gonna work with her and pray like crazy!
Church was good! We didn't have seminary this week because we had to travel to Ilheus for zone conference.  on Wednesday, we went to the bus station to see when our bus was. Usually, it's overnight. we got there, and the guy said it would leave in an hour and a half. so we ran home, at lunch, packed our bags, and ran back to the bus station. barely made it in time, but we made it. We stayed the night with my second trainer! Elder Nascimento. It was good to see him again. All of my companions so far were at this conference, it was cool! 
but I did give a talk in church again. as sacrament started, my comp told me I was gonna give a talk. SoIi grabbed my scriptures and tried to prepared real quick. it was rough but good haha. 
The best part of this week was last night. we were at a recent converts house. they have a son named Antonio. He's awesome. He wanted to be like us, so he put a towel in his shirt, like a tie, and then on a piece of tape, he asked his dad to write ´´Elder Opfar´´ haha it was awesome. But the first time he spelled my name, he spelled it- Olpha haha I was dying laughing!
and last night, at his house, I tried mel de cacau.(honey of cacau) Cacau is the plant they use to make chocolate. It was super good. also, that same family gave us a bunch of fruit, so last night, I cut up a fruit called cupuaçu. It sucked, but it's really good. I put it in the freezer and we'll make juice with it today. 
 Also, I've been meaning to write this for 9 weeks now, but I finally remembered today! We have bats in our house! every night we hear them screaming. So last night, I took a picture

So basically that was my week. I have a lot of photos. 

Monday, September 18, 2017


Hey, everybody! 
This week was really good! We were able to help the other elders with a wedding and baptism! Also, I got to go in the ocean! I was a witness for the baptism so I got to go in waist-deep lol
we took three investigators to the baptism, and it was a great experience for them! 

if everything works out, we should finally have our baptism this week! Hopefully, we should be having three this transfer! just gotta keep working hard!

This week I was able to teach another seminary class! it went better than the last one I gave! it went well! I taught about acts 12, and the importance of putting God in the first place, doing things with Him in mind. to always do what God wants you to do, and not to break your standards to please other people. 

other than that, this week was pretty normal, nothing too exciting. 
I hope you all have an amazing week, I love you all!
-Elder Opfar

Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekly from Valenca

First off, sorry for not sending a weekly last week. I forgot. oops.
the most exciting thing that happened was: one of my shirts fell on top of the neighbor's roof, so I had to make a homemade fishing rod and get it off her roof. it was crazy, but I did it.

This week was good! there's another American in the house! It's been good to speak a little English! 

This week, we were able to teach some really good lessons, and I had the opportunity to talk in church. I had to give a seven-minute talk in sacrament meeting. I think it went really well! I spoke about obedience, and how God blesses us for being obedient. 

Also this week, we had a lunch at a member's house! it was really good! and he said for my birthday, he'll have another lunch, and he'll bake me a cake, haha, I'm excited. He said the lunch will be: spaghetti with sausage, rice, and fish. What a birthday dinner :) haha I love the Bahia. Brazil is awesome. 
I hope you all have a great week this week!!

Monday, August 28, 2017


Hey, everyone, this week was great! to start off, I got some good news! we will have a baptism this week, on Saturday, in the ocean!! I'm way pumped
So this week was pretty normal, this email will be pretty boring. But today, we went to an island called Morro de São Paulo, which was super cool! (pictures attached)
I'm loving being on a mission. It is such an amzing experience to do the Lord's work. I'm so grateful for all of you that email each week. I hope you all have a good week this week! 
-Elder Opfar