Brazil Salvador South Mission
March 2017-March 2019

Monday, May 15, 2017

Salvador Week 2

Elder Gomes created this of the elders in their apartment

hey! how was everyone's week? this week was good here in Bahia. i'm loving it here. the people are amazing, the food is amazing. the language is hard. haha but I'm learning so much every day and my companion is amazing. this week, we committed 6 more people to baptism. so now we have 12 investigators with dates! buuut, we have so much work to do. we have to get them all to come to church, which is super difficult. but man there is nothing i would rather be doing right now then this work. yesterday, i was able to skype with my family! it was super good to see them and talk to them. after i was finished, the people whose house i was at were having a barbeque, so i got a bunch of steak and sausage and terere. it was so good! 
i've been studying a lot about the restoration of the gospel, and the history of the church. i'm so thankful for this gospel in my life. i love teaching it to the people of Brazil. 
the people here are awesome. there is one man, who rides a shopping cart up and down the road. he sprints and then jumps on the back, and he keeps up with the cars. its impressive. also, there's a tree here, with a bunch of stuffed animals hanging in it. i don't know why, but its super creepy. ill try to taker a picture this week. and i don't remember what ´picture i sent last week so ill just add a few. man i love my area. the members here are super great. Sunday is always cool, because the people are so loving. We've had a few family home evenings with members and investigators. its super cool. Families, and having a strong family is so important. its cool to come together and experience the love these families have for each other. 
i cant really remember anything else that was super cool, this coming week ill try to write stuff down so i have a more interesting email. 
today were gong to a super famous elevator that is here, and going to a huge market. ill update y'all on that next week. Love you all!

The stuffed animal tree

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