Brazil Salvador South Mission
March 2017-March 2019

Monday, May 8, 2017

First Week in Salvador!

I made it to salvador! my first area is called santa cruz, in salvador. its right next to the beach! its a cool area. our area has sooo many hills! its a serious workout. my companion is elder Gomes, from sao paulo. he has 7 months on the mission. hes an awesome guy, and an amazing missionary. getting out here, i realized how little portuguese i know, but i learn every day. its difficult, but i love it. the people are amazing! we already have 4 people with baptismal dates, but we still have a lot of work to do with them. this week was full of ups and downs, but im happy to be here, and i love getting all your emails each week. so a few things about brazil. EVERYBODY has a motor cycle. and they are insane. we walk up and down the narrow streets dodging motor cycles. and they have moto-taxis. you would have to be insane to ride on one of those. another thing, the roads are way narrow, so were always dogding cars. i got hit by a car yesterday! well, i got hit by the side view mirror, so nothing happened, but it was really funny. the people here are really friendly, we talk to a lot of people, and a lot of people accept our message another day. great, nice people. the food is good! a lot of beans a rice, or pasta, strogunof, and meat. lots of meat. coca cola, or guarana with every meal. and a lot of maracuj√°! its my favorite. i think its passion fruit, but i don't actually know. but its insanely good. the bread here is amazing, i don't know why. we get some every night on our way home though! last night, a less active member gave us a whole bunch of snacks to experiment, and then made us some maracuj√°. it was all super good. 

so, to conclude this email, i just wanna say how greatful i am to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. it is such a privelage to wear my saviors name on my chest every day. im so thankful for the gospel, and how it blesses my life and how it blesees others lives. im grateful to be serving here in brazil. it is very humbling. i would like to invite you all, if you have ever wondered about the Book of Mormon, or the church of Jesus Christ, please, get in contact with the missionaries. Just hear the ,essage, and pray with real intent. Heavenly Father does not lie. ask him if its true. i know you will receive an answer. i love you all, i hope you have an amazing week. 

CTM Pictures:

above, view from the CTM

below, CTM District

First Pictures from Salvador
Elder Gomes from Sao Paulo

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