Brazil Salvador South Mission
March 2017-March 2019

Monday, May 22, 2017

2 Months

It´s crazy to think i've already been out for 1/12 of my mission. Time is going too fast! i am loving every minute! I love being in Salvador! 
This week was really good! Last p day, after i emailed, we went to Mercado Modelo, and the huge elevator  there. (i'll attach a picture of it!) it was cool! the view was pretty, when we were leaving, the sun was setting over the ocean. i didn't take a picture though:( but yeah walking around the historic part of Salvador was sweet. there's a spot where Michael Jackson filmed a music video so i went there and saw that. there's a lot of African-Brazilian culture and a lot of cool stuff. there were some dude doing some sort of martial arts in a patch of grass. i can't remember the name of it, but it looked super cool. I love Bahia

Tuesday was another day of hard work. we found a lot of new people this week! They are all so receptive, but they just dont pray! i know if they pray, they will receive answers. its a struggle. but were working with them, and hopefully this week week we can have more success. We just gotta get them to church. if they come to church, they will feel the spirit, they will know its true, and they will have a desire to be baptized. our ward is amazing. i love the people so much. i dont speak super weel, and i can barely understand anything they say, but man they are awesome. 
We had a priesthood activity on saturday, and we had a barbeque. holy moly, brazilian barbeque is sooo good! so we had barbeque and played ping pong. 
So we were walking to an appointment, and we waled around a corner, and i was a little startled at first, because as i looked up, i beheld an old black man, with long, gray dreads, mounted on a horse with no saddle. he was casually having a conversation with a man and buying some drinks, from atop his horse. it was bizarre, because i think i was the only person who thought it wasnt normal. every body else was just going on with the rest of their days. 
i wasnt hit by any cars this week, so ill consider it successful. 
probably one of the funniest things ive seen, is at the moto taxi stations, they all have a slogan. ´´Deus é Fiel´´ God is faithful. Those things terrify me. i dont know how anyone can get on the back of one of those and not fear for their life.
also, i took a picture with this super creepy tree, ill send the picture. but yeah it has a bunch of stuffed animals hanging in it. kinda strange.  
it rained evry day this week except for sunday. it rains a lot haha, and then it clears up and its super hot again. its impossible o get dry. its eaither raining, or super humid and youre super sweaty. i have never sweated more in my life. 
so i guess the American missionaries that have been here in the past, would do magic for the kids on the street. because every little kids asks me to do magic. they are all convinced that i can do magic. or they ask me to speak in english. 
i dont know if i mentioned this in previos emails, but im being absolutely eaten alive by mosquitoes. theyre some sort of different breed, that doesnt care how much bug spray i wear, they can still bite me. and i sleep with long pants on to try to help, but its super hot. and my fan broke on day 3, so its fun sweating to death every night. haha but hey those are just little things. im still alive. im still here. i get the privelage of doing the Lords work so i cant complain too much. 
i learn to speak more and more Portuguese each day. i just cant understand anything lol. Bahianos are soo hard to understand. but yeah i understand enough during the lessons that i can teach, but its difficult. i'm learning though.

From my letter:

The best thing this week was a barbeque we had at the church! it was so so good! but the best spiritual thing, is that we have one investigator, her name is nelia. she is amazing. she is 52, and we teach her and here 16 year old son joão gabriel. when we taught her this week, the spirit was so strong. and i bore my testimony to here, and every time i do, i talk about how much i love the book of mormon and how much it means to me. and yeah the lesson was super good. i definitely think shell be baptized. she has a date for the 10 of june, and she just has to come to church twice. shes solid. 
my favorite meal was the barbeque. chicken, beef, sausage. a bunch of good juice. it was awesome. 

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