Brazil Salvador South Mission
March 2017-March 2019

Monday, May 29, 2017


This week was great! 
I has rained, hard, every day for the past 8 days. so much rain! one of the days, we were walking down a hill, and there was 3 inches of water flowing down the street and it was dumping on us! but it is awesome!
so last Monday, we went and got our haircut from a guy we taught once. Hes really cool, but i don't know if well go back to him again to cut our hair, lol.(i'll add the picture) so it was interesting. my Portuguese isn't the best, so i wasn't sure how to tell him to cut my hair. i told him, ´´5´´ and i touched the side of my head. so he cut the side at a five, and then slapped a whole bunch of gel in my hair, and slicked it back. he never cut the top. so at some point this week ill have to try to cut the top of my hair. but yeah, my hair looked really strange, i looked like Alfalfa from little rascals. but him and his friends thought it looked really good. he totally butchered elder Gomes hair, so he just had him cut it all off. he wasn't too happy hahaah. but it'll grow back. 
so our microwave has some loose wires on the back, i don't know where they go, but oh well. so i was trying to heat up some pasta, and i pressed start and there was a flash of electricity and a pop, but the microwave started and it cooked my food. so i guess the wires aren't crucial, ill just have to try to not touch them.
i'm starting to get used to horses in the favela. last night, 8 men on horses, barebacking, no saddle, came trotting up the hill behind us all casual. its really strange. every body here thinks people from Texas ride horses every where, but i've seen more people here in 5 weeks riding horses than i ever saw in Texas!
The work is going well here. were preparing several people to be baptized on the 10th, and the 17th! last night we had family home evening at an investigators house, and it was so cool. the spirit was way strong, at the end, i added my thoughts and testimony. i am learning this language slowly, but i am learning every day. and the Lord helps me so much. there is no way i could learn this much in 2 months all on my own(and ill add a picture of everyone at family home evening)
i love the people in our ward, they are so loving and amazing. we have amazing lunches every day, and they are always willing to give us water when we pass by their houses. 
So it rains a lot here, but as soon as it stops, its back to being super hot. so im either drenched with rain, or drenched in sweat. haha fun stuff. 
We had 5 or 6 investigators at church this week! it was awesome, it was an amazing meeting with great lessons. 
well that is all i have for this week,
I am truly loving the mission. it is amazing to be doing The Lords work, and helping so many people. i hope you al have an amazing week, know that i love you all! 

From my letter:
I wanna tell you about one investigator. his name is A** N**. he has cancer. he breaths through a hole in his neck and he eats through a tube in his nose. he can barely talk. he has to lay in bed all day. he lives in one of the most humble homes i have seen yet. hard circumstances. but he is amazing. one of the most receptive people i have ever met. he came to church with us yesterday and he loved it. so the first time we taught him, he was shirtless in a swimsuit, because we just showed up at his house. after that day, he always wears his best clothes when we come to teach him. i love this man so much. i don't know how we can baptize him, with the hole in his neck, and all his problems, but he is definitely one of the purest, most humble guys i have ever met. he is truly amazing. we had to have a member drive him top church because its pretty far away, but the member is awesome. Fabinho. hes great. but yeah everyone at church was so nice to him, and he loved it. i am hoping we are able to baptize him. he is amazing

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